The Mouse Outfit

Hip Hop has for many years been decaying. Its no wonder this is the case with the new breed of money orientated misogynistic rappers defiling the organic sound that was so popular during the nighties. However the cure to this is not found in darkest Brooklyn or in the ghettos of Compton but rather the streets of Manchester. The Mouse Outfit are both breathing new life into the genre and tipping their hats to the old masters that pioneered the sound.

Their debut album Escape Music dropped in May 2013. Nineteen tracks long the danger is always that half the album becomes filler. This however is far from the truth and the album became a soundtrack to the summer.

The Mouse Outfit turn the typical Hip Hop show on its head by swapping the two turntables, mixer and MC for a full live band and a whole host of rappers and singers. Dr. Syntax a UK Hip Hop veteran in his own right is pivotal to their live show and is prolific on their album. His natural comedic style and magnetic flow make him indispensable within the group. The other rappers on the team include Sparx, Black Josh, and Fox to name just a few. The large group of featuring rappers allows them to comfortably span a wide range of styles. Black Josh provides a more typical UK Hip Hop sound on tracks such as Know My Face and Air Max contrasts and compliments the smooth Jamaican flows from Fox on Built In a Day.

The key to the Mouse Outfits phenomenal fresh sound is their emphasis on not only the lyrical genius that their rappers provide but also the cleverly crafted instrumentals created with a full band in mind. This translates fantastically into their live performances making them a joy to watch. The band moved slickly from song to song and in a master class of musicianship at the end of the show performed a fantastic medley containing classic Hip Hop, Jazz and Motown hits. With a rapidly expanding fan base these guys are one to watch and even if Hip Hop isn’t necessarily your thing their jazz and soulful take on the genre will be sure to get your head bobbing.

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Post by Alex Berry