The Amorettes

Female rock bands have always been a controversial point with many people, and when asking people to name a female rock star people will always answer with Suzi Quattro or Joan Jet. Good female rock musicians are few and far between or perhaps don’t get the credit they deserve. Personally I think the world would be a sad place without girls rocking gigs and the Amorettes certainly do not disappoint.

The girls recently performed at the Giants of Rock weekend at Butlins, Minehead and within our own group of friends there was a divide between whether to watch the girls instead of the Choirboys.

There was a rumour going round that the Amorettes wouldn’t be performing until the following day and this effected the numbers in the audience, I stayed around just in case as I was keen to see them. After the Yardbirds and Black star riders they had a lot to live up to but ended up finishing the night on a high. The best way of describing the girls is a high energy rock band with a real rock attitude. There was a sea of rock ‘n’ roll salutes and mobile phones throughout the show which displayed the fan’s appreciation for the girls. They were getting something right and the crowd were buzzing.

This is the first time I have seen the Amorettes but I soon felt familiar with their music and this left me wanting more. Hot and Heavy and Whoot Woo, were an instant hit for me and I have played them many times since. Hannah kept a nice high energy beat to the band and was constantly perfect throughout the performance. Gillian is the lead singer and plays guitar, her performance is quiet static but she has a rock star quality. Heather is a bass player and her performance style was the opposite, she is a lively performer and her performance was memorising. Gillian and Heather stage presence complimented each style very well. If you ever want to see a female rock band these girls are a must.

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