​Scott Freeman and the Tokyo Sex Whales​

It’s a late Saturday afternoon in the Jumpin’ Jaks venue at Butlins, Minehead. Rock fans gather to the introduction stage in the hope of discovering new talent and perhaps ease the hangover of the night before with a quiet pint. The second annual Giants of Rock Music weekend has already proved to be a great success. With impressive performances from Black Star Riders and The Yardbirds the night before, the bar has been set high for the rest of the artist due to perform that weekend. But now it’s a chance for music fans to relax and take a break from the head liners with the hope of finding something new.

Daytona Catchups have done a fantastic job of warming up the crowd and now it’s four guys from Winchester’s turn to take to the stage as Scott Freeman and the Tokyo Sex Whales. The band name may be a little strange but the band are certainly not. The raw energy of their front man is enough to grab the attention of the crowd forcing everyone to take notice. This is a big opportunity for Scott and the band and they are determined to do all they can to leave a lasting impression. His lively energy is immediately evident from the introduction of their first catchy number, quite fittingly titled, ‘A New Spark’. Scott separates himself from many of the other front men performing that weekend with his wild individualism and intriguing lyrics. He’s unique and It’s clear right from the start that he is certainly one to watch.

Scott does an admirable job of engaging the crowd and this is most evident during ‘Same Train Different Departure Times’. It’s not even dark outside yet the crowd are drawn from their seats to the dance floor. This particular song was definitely a highlight for Scott,

“People got out the moves on that one, no better thrill than seeing people dig your music enough to dance. Giants Of Rock was a blast, always love a crowd with personality.”

Scott aims to perform as though each gig is the last he will ever play; delivering an exciting and stimulating performance with enchanting songs and thought provoking lyrics. His talent and raw passion really come to light during ‘Magnet Star’ and it’s hard to believe that he is only 23 years old.

‘Love the way you’re making me feel’ definitely stands out, from the powerful beginning to the catchy chorus. Scott does a remarkable job of getting the crowd involved and it’s not long before everyone is singing along with him. Jim Morrison’esque improvisation and spur of the moment dialogue between the crowd and the rest of the band separate him from the other new acts; reflecting a confidence rarely found in an artist of his age. The band are tight and it’s hard to believe that they have only been performing together for such a short time. Scott clearly has the ability and stage presence to captivate a crowd as a solo artist which he has done previously. His new band however, compliment him perfectly.

The crowd may not have ever heard of Scott Freeman and the Tokyo Sex Whales before, but it’s quite fair to say that this band will be leaving a lasting impression on everyone that was lucky enough to have taken the chance to see them on the introduction stage that afternoon. Impressive, effortless vocals with an exciting stage presence and confidence somewhat lacking from even some of the more accomplished acts performing that weekend; Scott Freeman is a refreshing break from the norm.



Scott Freeman’s album ‘Season Of Blue’ is out now and can be purchased here: ​https://scottfreemanmusic.bandcamp.com/ 

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